McCormick Family History Services

Bringing Your Past To The Present
We provide professional historical research services in the Mid-Atlantic states and much more! Not only can we perform high quality research in the archives and libraries of Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, answering genealogical and historical questions, we can call upon fifty years of combined experience as curators to assist you with the management and preservation of the historical documents, photographs, and artifacts in your care. Whether you are the genealogist and historian for your family; a private collector of books, manuscripts and photographs; or the representative of a repository needing collection management help, we can provide assistance.

Our company is located in Medford Lakes, NJ, centrally located for access to the archives and libraries of the Mid-Atlantic. We are available for site visits, to discuss research questions, or to provide collections consultation.
Gail and Michael McCormick, proprietors, are professional librarians and archivists, grounded in the fundamental skills you need for your project. Gail provides you high quality research services, drawing upon both her professional experience and her thirty plus years of personal genealogical investigations. Michael specializes in collection organization, cataloging, and preservation for documents, photographs, and artifacts, which will insure your family history will be safe for generations to come.
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McCormick Family History Services
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