“Family history” is not just genealogy. Our ancestors belonged to communities of place, faith, and social commitment, whose members were as valuable to them as blood relatives. The records of these groups can provide insight about our ancestors that is not available in traditional genealogical documents. Sample the first chapter of the story of a unique church in Frankford, Philadelphia, that was central to the lives of four generations of local families. (As this is a new publication full access must be restricted.)

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I have worked with Gail for many years on researching hard to uncover family ancestry. Gail has always been very considerate on the use of her time with my “wish list” requests. She always provides timely replies, even coordinating when research takes longer than expected or if she has conflicts and needs additional time. I particularly like Gail following up for clarification of my requirement if not totally cognizant of what my request entails. I would strongly recommend Gail as a researcher. "

Dr. William Pearce, AL
Samuel Smith, a private in the 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry, carefully saved the letters sent to him by three young women friends in his Delaware County (PA) hometown. Share the experiences of both home front and battlefield in this book excerpt.
Gail and Michael McCormick use the term “Family History” for their business to emphasize the breadth of their services beyond “genealogy.” For some background on this perspective, see Gail’s article, "Archivists and Genealogists: The Trend Toward Peaceful Coexistence", from Archival Issues (1993).
The records of local businesses and organizations tell stories about their employees and members, as well as about the cities in which they thrived. McCormick Family History Services can provide the research and writing expertise to help you share those stories. Discover how one local organization “electrified” its hometown, or how a city utilized the natural resource on its doorstep.