We provide expert research services for both historical and genealogical queries in the archives and libraries of the Mid-Atlantic. Our experience as professional archivists and librarians has uniquely prepared us to answer difficult questions.
Historical and Genealogical Research
We take those piles of "stuff" handed down through the family and turn them into organized, orderly heirlooms. Letters, journals, art on paper, photographs, and even some media files can be put in order, housed in preservation containers, and inventoried, creating a family archives that will allow your descendants to know and understand their ancestors. Our expertise allows you to be your family's curator, passing memory to the future.
Archival Arrangement, Description and Preservation
"Working with genealogist Gail McCormick has been an exciting and eye opening experience. Gail was immediately intrigued with our family mystery - the disappearance of our maternal grandmother 90 years ago - a very cold case. With her experience, knowledge and extensive arsenal of tools, we were provided with answers. Gail has unearthed records, legal documents, and newspaper articles that disproved what we thought was a lost cause. Along the journey, she has provided us with invaluable insights, digging for information in places that we were totally unaware of. Thanks Gail, we are anxious to continue our discoveries."

Barb Taylor, Maryland
McCormick Family History Services

McCormick Family History Services

Bringing Your Past To The Present
Small Collection Digitization
We are able to digitize small collections of documents and photographs, providing you with archivally approved formats for use in family history programs and on the Web. Michael's photographic and microfilming experience combine with current technology to help you preserve and publish your family's history.
House and Neighborhood History Research and Reporting
Gail taught house and neighborhood history research at the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. for many years. We can discover when your house was built and who lived at your address across time.
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